Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer

The Tahajjud is a very noble prayer. After the 5 prayers, this prayer is very high, it is a fact that leaving the bed at night to rest is a great thing for the human body. So Allah Pak declared it a good time to worship at the back of the night after the prayer. Let us know the grace of the Quran and the hadeeth

Quranic Verses in The Grace of The Tahajjud:      

The tahajjud is a type of night-prayer. The only difference is that it is a condition So Allah Said in the Qur’an that the attributes of his servants.

Translation Of Kanzuliman” And those who break the night, prostrate for their Lord, and in the establishment. At one point he said this

Translation Of Kanzuliman” Their sins are separated From the dream houses and to the Lord, they fear and hope

The People With Whom God is Pleased:

Hazrat Syeduna Abdullah ibn Masood is a tradition from The Holy Prophet He said, “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): Our Lord is very happy with two people.

A person who has his own bed, his own clothing, Stand up to pray through your loved ones, your family The Lord said: O my angels, my lord Look at my servant, He stood up to pray from his bed and from among his loved ones and his family. He would be a source of reward and fear my torment. And a man who will fight in the way of Allah, then run away with his companions.

Then consider what is the torment of running away from him. You will be returned, even if he is bleeding. The Lord says to the angels: Look at my servant, the desire for my reward And I returned, fearing my torment, even though his blood was lost.


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Why Allah Ordered Us To Read Quran As Much As It Is Possible To Read

One of the greatest signs of a good Momin is the person who used to read Quran and has a good and solid connection with Quran. The person who is utilized to recount and comply with this incredible book Quran e Pak will never be ineffective neither in this world nor in Akhirah. The explanation for our useless life and issues throughout our life is the feeble association among us and Quran. We should attempt our best to read Quran day by day with the goal that we can get full advantage of it, get endowments of Allah and make ourselves feel pleased before Allah at the Day of Judgment.

Iman and Quran:

Quran is the noble of the considerable number of books revealed by Allah. Quran e Kareem is the kalam of Allah and this is the significant reason of making Quran before every one of the books uncovered by Allah. That is the reason Allah Talah said to bring Imaan on Quran as well as requested to recount it extravagantly so one can favor it with the greatest signs of Imaan. Along these lines, the person who recounts Quran a great deal, who cherishes the kalam of Quran and the individual who keep its imaan on Quran is the sign of a good Momin.

Our negligence of reciting Quran:

These days we become so occupied in our lives that we couldn’t set aside out effort to peruse Quran. Huge numbers of us felt that reading Quran isn’t compulsory in Islam, which makes our carelessness increasingly solid. In any case, Allah Talah needs us to recount Quran with the goal that we can get gift of this valuable book in lives. That is the reason Allah Talah requested us to peruse Quran as much as it is conceivable to peruse.

Sahaba kiraam and Quran:

The connection between Sahaba kiraam and Quran was astounding. They gave total support of reading Quran. They used to finish Quran Shareef in multi week. Quran e Pak has 7 Portions known as Manzils. From where these Manzils has arrived? These are not sent by Allah. They are on the grounds that Sahaba’s utilized to recount and finish Quran in such a way, that it took 7 days to finish 1 entire Quran, which implies they read 1 Manzil of Quran on every day and henceforth finished in 7 days.

Advantages of Reciting Quran Kareem:

read quran al kareem

Influences you to turn out to be nearer to Almighty:

The principal advantage of reading Quran is we turned out to be progressively close to Allah and His Prophet SAW. Quran is the book of Allah and has numerous helpful fortunes covered up inside it. On the off chance that somebody needs to interface with Allah Almighty by heart, at that point he/she should practice to read Quran day by day and actualize Quran in our everyday lives. The delightful expressions of the brilliant Quran are the expressions of Allah, so in the event that one recounts Quran it straightforwardly impacts the hearts since the hearts put stock in Allah Almighty. The Quranic words are so much amazing that it dissolves down the hearts. As we as a whole realize that the expressions of Quran softened the core of Hazrat Omer Farooq Razi Allah o Talah.

Cure of Diseases:

Allah SWT says in Quran: “At that point do they not think about the Quran? On the off chance that it had been from [any] other than Allah, they would include found inside it much logical inconsistency.” (Quran: 4:82). There are loads of advantages and blessings of Quran, which one misses by not recounting Quran. The other advantage other than making us closer to Allah SWT is Quran is a book of Shifa. Indeed! Quran is brimming with Shifa all things considered. Individuals have watched marvelous wear off from their hopeless maladies, where every one of the specialists become worry wart from the ailment Quran helped and restored that sickness. A standout amongst the most risky infections relieved by Quran Kareem is Cancer by tuning in to Surah Rehman heaps of individuals restored by this hazardous ailment. It is the intensity of Allah SWT Kalaam that makes incomprehensible things conceivable. A portion of the different Surahs are Surah Fatiha which is said to be the most dominant Surah to fix any sickness. Others incorporate Surah Yaseen which is said to be the core of Quran e Pak. Ayat Al Kursi is said to be the lord of all the Surahs in Quran, though Surah Baqra and 4 Qul read to treats Nazar-e-awful, Jinnat, Black enchantment and other serious sickness. One of the incredible advantages of recounting Quran day by day is that it fixes pressure and nervousness which is the most well-known issue of each individual or all ages.

Treats debilitated Souls and Black Hearts:

One of the best advantages of reading Quran day by day is to fix our spirit. One who does not peruse Quran will make his/her substance tainted, which can make an individual self-seeker, brings envy, raid, avaricious, and so on. Recounting of Quran every day gives new life to your spirit and makes your mind serene. That is the reason we should to read Quran every day to make our spirit and heart clear all things considered and interfaces ourselves with Allah SWT.

Blessings of Reciting Quran:

There are innumerable gifts of reading Quran every day. One can’t envision where he is having Rizq and picking up barakah in his dinners, in his properties, in each part of his day by day life. The person who quits reading Quran would far from Allah SWT as well as turns out to be monetarily unfit. He/she will confront various issues for an amazing duration. So enjoy reading Quran day by day in your lives and get favored with Allah’s shower of endowments upon yourself. Allah favored the individuals who keep Iman on Allah His Prophet Muhammad SAW, Quran and the day of Judgment. Allah SWT will request that the Muslim recite Quran and venture towards the method for Jannat at the day of Judgment. Allah SWT will favor the individual a one of a kind dress and delegated the individual who used to read Quran throughout everyday life.

May Allah SWT allow us to recite Quran Pak every day and symbolize Quran in our lives with the goal that we can get full advantages of it so we can lead towards the method for Jannah!

Read Surah Mulk Protect Yourself in the grave

Surah Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Holy Quran comprising of 30 verses and 2 Rukus. It is one of the most important chapters of the Holy Quran and has spiritual and physical benefits for the reciter. Moreover, it is usually recited to seek refuge from the punishments of grave and the punishments of hereafter. Being a Muslim, we should also recite Surah Mulk daily and not only this chapter we should recite some part of the Holy Quran daily and gain its blessings.
Read Surah Mulk PDF

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him narrates that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “There is a Surah in the book of Allah it is but thirty passages which intercedes for a man on the day of judgement so that he taken out of the fire and entered into paradise; it is Surah the Blessed.” (Abu Dawud 1400, At-Tirmidhi 2891 and Ibn Majah 3876.)

surah mulk page 1
surah mulk page 2
 surah mulk page 3
surah mulk page 4

Most Search Surah of Quran

Surah YasinSurah Ar RahmanSurah AL Fatiha
Surah Al BaqarahSurah Al MulkSurah Al Waqiah
Surah Al MuzzammilSurah Al MudassirSurah Al Kahf
Surah YusufSurah Al IsraSurah Maryam

reciting the holy quran is a great virtue- virtues of reading quran

Holy Quran is the most holy book of Islam that Allah SWT revealed on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) so that mankind take guidance from it for their lives. There are 114 (Chapters) Surah in the Quran Pak among which biggest is Surah Yaseen and it called heart of the holy Quran. Quran is the most superb book which has the finest literature in the Arabic language.

al quran

Quran is a book full of useful guidelines and advises scientific facts. A person whether Muslims or Non-Muslim who read it will necessarily get impressed by it. In-short we can say that Holy Quran guides us in every field of life whether matter is legal or personal or any other.

Reading Quran is not only a virtue but there are many other benefits as well of reading it. Here are some benefits of Reading it.

  1. Reciting the Holy Quran is a great Virtue. As per one Hadith of Prophet PBUH whoever will peruse one letter of Quran will get 10 rewards for it. In Ramadan these rewards will build multiple times.
  2. By Reading Quran Majid a Muslim fulfills his Islamic duty because reading Quran is essential just like other Islamic worships; Salah, Fast, Hajj etc.
  3. A person who read Quran will go to Jannah on day of Qayamah. According To Hadith a person who reads Quran; for him it will become a proof in his support on the day of Judgement. Quran will intercede for the person who reads it.
  4. If you will recite Quran and understand its meaning then it will help you in matters of your life. You will be able to live your life on the Quran’s orders.
  5. If you learn by heart any chapters of Quran it will improve your memory.
  6. Prophet Peace be upon him has called that person the best who learns or teaches the Quran.
  7. Reading Quran will increase your Imaan and give you peace inside.

These are some of the benefits of Reading Quran. We should make it a habit to read Holy Quran regularly and also understand its meaning.

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