Tahajjud Prayer Benefits

Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer

The Tahajjud is a very noble prayer. After the 5 prayers, this prayer is very high, it is a fact that leaving the bed at night to rest is a great thing for the human body. So Allah Pak declared it a good time to worship at the back of the night after the prayer. Let us know the grace of the Quran and the hadeeth

Quranic Verses in The Grace of The Tahajjud:      

The tahajjud is a type of night-prayer. The only difference is that it is a condition So Allah Said in the Qur’an that the attributes of his servants.

Translation Of Kanzuliman” And those who break the night, prostrate for their Lord, and in the establishment. At one point he said this

Translation Of Kanzuliman” Their sins are separated From the dream houses and to the Lord, they fear and hope

The People With Whom God is Pleased:

Hazrat Syeduna Abdullah ibn Masood is a tradition from The Holy Prophet He said, “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): Our Lord is very happy with two people.

A person who has his own bed, his own clothing, Stand up to pray through your loved ones, your family The Lord said: O my angels, my lord Look at my servant, He stood up to pray from his bed and from among his loved ones and his family. He would be a source of reward and fear my torment. And a man who will fight in the way of Allah, then run away with his companions.

Then consider what is the torment of running away from him. You will be returned, even if he is bleeding. The Lord says to the angels: Look at my servant, the desire for my reward And I returned, fearing my torment, even though his blood was lost.


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