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Free Istikhara & kaat

Online Istikhara Service

Thousands of Istikharah are performed daily under the auspices of the Majlis Maktoobat and Taweezat e Attaria.

Istikharah is also done through e-mail in the holy spirit of grief of the bereaved nation.

Through this service, you can do Istikhara Online through e-mail from any part of the world.. also you can do Istikhara through WhatsApp and phone number given on webpage of Dawateislami website.

Online Kaat Service

Through this service, Islamic brothers and sisters from all over the world send their problems to the kaat Department on a daily basis by writing their problem to get rid of their worries, diseases and difficulties.

Alhamdulillah, this kind of distressing situation is benefiting from sitting at home. This process is done for all kinds of diseases, troubles, domestic violence, lawsuits, giants, magic, business closure, evil eye, man, theft or loss of papers or property and all kinds of work.